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I’ll be honest I didn’t expect to ever be surprised by AMM again. But then, maybe surprised isn’t the right word to use here. Over the last couple of decades I have never failed to be anything but awestruck when placed in front of the music of Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury, with or without Keith Rowe, but maybe I didn’t expect to find myself so struck by a new recording that it left me close to tears, which this new AMM album succeeded in doing on the second of the dozen or so times I have played it so far.

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AMM: Tunes Without Measure or End

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Active since the mid-1960s, England's AMM have become an icon of the free improvisational movement. Newfoundland, a live album recored in 1992, has become one of their most acclaimed albums along with the 1967 debut, and is often cited as a good starting point for those wishing to familiarize themselves with the band's music.

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It is given to very few artists to have created a language entirely their own, but that is what the British band(?) AMM has done over the years, in various line-ups and configurations, with Eddie Prévost on drums as the only unifying element since 1965, and with John Tilbury on piano for the last two decades, here with just the two of them. You may like them or not, but they have made history, and they still do, with lots of young musicians moving into the broad avenue they created.

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