Music for Piano and Strings by Morton Feldman

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The Smith Quartet with John Tilbury

Live at the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, 2006

Ian Humphries - violin
Darragh Morgan - violin
Nic Pendlebury - viola
Deirdre Cooper - cello
John Tilbury - piano

1. For John Cage, 1982, 1:31:14

2. Piano and String Quartet, 1985, 1:29:30

Total playing time: 3:00:44

This is a video DVD, although images are only used for the DVD menu and the first 25 seconds of each track. The screen will be black for the remainder of the pieces. The disk can only be used on a computer with DVD drive or DVD player. The DVD format was chosen because most of the works to appear in the Smith Quartet with John Tilbury series are too long for an uninterrupted playback in the conventional CD medium.

Price (£): 15.00